Roof Restoration Melbourne has had a prominent presence in the roofing industry around Mulgrave for more than 20 years. We have been providing restoration, roof plumbing and repair services throughout Mulgrave and Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs. We eliminate the middle man fees and other hidden charges, as a group of tradesmen, we aim at providing quality services in roof restoration and repairs at the best possible price. We ensure that you get a genuine and thorough inspection and any work that needs to be completed is done so in the best possible way. We are Specialists in restoring cement tiles, terracotta tiles and metal. Our team of experienced professionals repair your tiles and restore your roof to the original condition. We also offer a guarantee of 10 years.

Roof Restoration Mulgrave

The process of Roof Restoration usually consists of the following steps:

• cleaning

• repairing

• re-sealing

• re-painting

The life of the tiles can be enhanced with proper maintenance, but still usually, at least every 20 years, they need to be restored. Considering the extreme and ever changing climatic conditions in Melbourne, restoration is something every homeowner should look into.

If you have an issue that needs fixed, or just general maintenance to avoid a future financial nightmare, give us a call on 0411 502 475 (Danny), email us or visit our office in Hampton Park, VIC – 3976. We are your Professional, qualified, knowledgeable and helpful roof repair workers in Mulgrave. Let us take care of your roof, the most important piece of your home.

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