product_image1Flexible Pointing
Quality Flexible Material is applied to all roof pointing. Flexible pointing surpasses the standard sand and cement because it allows your roof to expand and contract with the current weather without cracking. Melbourne Roof Repairs recommends Ridgebond Flexible Pointing. Ridgebond is UV resistant and has its 10 year guarantee against flaking, peeling and cracking.

It can be purchased in a selection of colours. Popular choices are charcoal/dark charcoal, terracotta and blue stone.

Valley Protection
Storm Seal Valley Protection seals your top valleys, stopping water from streaming into your roof amid those severe storms. It also stops winged animals, possums and different bugs getting into your valleys. Valley Protection Systems are available upon request.


Whirly Birds
Whirly birds can be fitted to add ventilation to your roof. This expels hot air from the top of your roof, keeping your home cooler, particularly in the more blazing months. Whirly Birds are accessible in clear, or all standard colours to match your roof, and is made to withstand serious wind and downpours.

Regent Paints give the best quality roof paints and materials to businesses for more than 20 years. The paint comes in a scope of colourbond shades and grades, including Tileguard ®, Regent Ultra ® Tileguard ® Heatguard. A description of all these products can be found on Regent Paints website (click on link listed below):

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Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Tony C
My wife and I would like to sincerely thank Danny for the magnificent roof restoration that he completed today. Our roof was last restored in 2002 so it was time for it, and the gutters, to be thoroughly cleaned, broken tiles replaced, repointed and repainted. Following Danny's suggestion we had two "whirly birds" installed plus we decided to follow his advice to use Heatguard which will help to reduce the temperature inside the house. Danny is very professional and knowledgeable of his craft pl
Rae D
Thanks Danny for the great restoration job you did on my roof, it now looks like a brand new roof, Danny was very meticulous with everything he did repairing all rotten gables with new timber and also painting them, any queries I had was explained in terms that I understood, Danny worked very hard non-stop I have no hesitation in recommending Melbourne Roof Repairs to you and all my friends. Melbourne Roof Repairs come's with a 10 year guarantee so you can't beat that!                  
Pat F
I was most impressed by the great job done on my neighbours roof, and upon my query, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the team of Danny & Cory was an experience more than I expected. They were both pelaseant, courteous & friendly, and outlined to me what level of expertise I could expect. They were right, the job is beautiful, and I found the entire experience worthwhile, and I’m more than satisfied. Thank-you guys.                                          
Pari & Ash
The experience from start to finish was very good & professional. They started the work very quickly & have shown professionalism in the job with great quality. Definitely will recommend to others.