06 Apr 2017
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A rooftop is among the most important parts of your house as it is the basic external part that protects your house from the weather conditions and other external elements. There are mainly two types of roof framing systems, they are rafters and trusses, which are utilized worldwide by home-builders and both these types of systems have their own salient features. However, despite their popularity and advantages, you can see more Roof Support Problems than you may think because the extreme climate and ever-changing environment constantly affects your roof.

Have you ever driven by an old home and saw it literally falling apart? One of the fundamental reasons is an absence of quality roof support and as these homes are unoccupied the property and structure isn’t maintained, resulting in deterioration. But it doesn’t take a house to be empty to have structural support issues or need roof restoration or roof replacement. Perhaps you are also living in the home like this and waiting for a problem to appear before you decide to get it restored. Here we have come up with the most common Roof Support Problems and what you ought to do to deal with these problems.

Rooftops that are well supported have an intricate system of rafters and trusses, holding a large portion of the roof weight and lay on the designated interior, load-bearing, walls. For the homes with unique roof shape, trusses are the best choice for supporting a rooftop. Trusses offer close fabrication resistance that advantages homes with complex roof framing configurations. One of the fundamental differences between rafters and trusses is that trusses do not need support from partition walls in interior rooms because this technology utilizes external bearing points to support their load. Trusses are customized to fit over the whole width of a house.


Roof support problems threaten the security of everybody inside your home. Regardless of whether a building defect, regular wear and tear, or an unattended leak, rooftops are not impervious to dangerous, structural issues, which can inflict genuine property damage and bodily harm. Below we have mentioned the most common Roof Support Problems and if you take care of the problems before they become severe, then it can save your significant money because catching damage early and repairing it can save you from the cost of a complete roof replacement.

  • A defective and poor installation of your roofing material can drastically increase the chances of issues and decreases a rooftop system’s life expectancy. You have to hire an expert to let you know whether your roof has been installed accurately or not.
  • Wind, rain, snow, ice and garbage can lead to moisture getting under the layers of the roof and cause everything from leaks to mold and rot.
  • Rooftop sagging is a typical issue found in both old and new properties. When you look at a house from outside, the roof seems wavy and not straight. The usage of incorrectly sized strutting beams or the mistaken strutting or even the absence of struts to the under purlin can be the reasons for roof sagging.
  • A structural analysis will often demonstrate that the rooftop supporting system picks up most of the roof weight. Consequently, it is essential that the roof braces rest only on the designated interior “load-bearing” walls. Unfortunately, numerous builders or designers usually support the rooftop bracing systems on the nearest or most convenient interior room partition wall. This can lead to long-term floor sagging because most floor joists are not measured for rooftop loads.
  • Ridges have a ridge board that doesn’t give basic support, rather, it acts as a bearing-plate for opposing rafters. When a ridge board is placed in a beam surrounded home and isn’t non-structural, it is important for the roof rafter to be lapped and connected to the ceiling joists at the exterior wall plate. And if any part of the structural support of a roof isn’t placed accurately, then the roof will sag causing the interior walls to lean.


Thus, as soon as you suspect your rooftop is in a risk of collapse because of the Roof Support Problems, then empty the property promptly and feel free to contact us at Melbourne Roof Repairs immediately for prompt repair service of any structural roof problem in order to stop further damage to your house!